The Morning After

Word  Count: 2,167

Pairing:  Santana/Quinn

Summary: FUTURE FICLET/Santana ponders the thoughts swirling in her head of the night before.

Her eyes are closed as the breeze from the outside engulfed their bodies. It sent shivers down Santana’s spine, causing her to stir awake. Last night had been…interesting, if even that. She had been drinking; celebrating the new contract she had won with her business partner Quinn. They agreed that a multi-million dollar deal was worth the celebration. Quinn had become her biggest ally since after high school graduation, where they attended the same college. So needless to say, they became fairly close and neither one of them bothered scheming to ruin the other’s life. Probably because if either one of them did it’d affect the other more or less.

Santana’s eyes fluttered open at the sight of the blonde mound next to her. Her hair has cascaded over her face during fits of tossing and turning throughout the night. Santana’s hand makes her way over and gently caresses the hair out of her face careful not to wake her. After managing to make the hair scares of her flawless face, she just laid there to admire the beauty.

Never in a million years did she ever think that she’d be in this position with her, but she was and in a way she enjoyed it. It was nice to wake up to someone again, who wasn’t a complete stranger. She’s known this girl for almost fifteen years and throughout high school, regardless of the years under their belts, she considered her a stranger still. Santana assumed she knew all she needed to know about her, but when they went to college, she realized that she knew absolutely nothing about her. The same went for her as well. Quinn assumed she knew that all Santana was was a manipulating bitch, who wanted to make everyone’s life a living hell because it gave her some form of gratification, but she was as wrong as Santana was.

Santana got out of bed and walked across the cool wood of her flat to the balcony and just stood outside, disregarding her entirely nude body. She was on the twenty-fourth floor; she did that kind of thing all the time. Besides, she was confident with her body and if people could stare at her—well more power to them.

She sighed and ran her hands through her hair, down her face, rubbing her eyes with her thumb and pointer fingers. What was she thinking? She knew that Quinn wasn’t gay and the only reason she probably even slept with her was because alcohol was involved. She hated the idea of taking advantage of her, but there was something about her that drew her towards her.

Aside from the fact that she’s blonde; she’s always been a sucker for blondes. Maybe it was the way she spoke to her with such convection; how sure she was about what she was pitching at work; the way she knew what she was talking about. Maybe it was the strut in her walk when she was at work. The way she let her hips sway just enough to attract the attention of her co-workers. Maybe it was the way she made herself to be so sophisticated, that regardless of the fact that she was far from that back in the day, she wore these outfits for work that gave her the look of power and her mannerisms only heightened just that. Maybe Santana knew all of this all along. She noticed these things because she’s known her for so long, but it’s different now. They’re different and they’re older. They’ve grown up and maybe that’s the point. She’s noticing these things because it was possible to fall for someone like that now. This isn’t some high school crush anymore; this is real life and it’s time to snap back into reality. Quinn is going to wake up and she is going to freak out at the sight of her just as nude body in Santana’s bed and it is going to be tense for the rest of the year at work; maybe even longer to a point that it’s so tense that she’s going to sell her share of the company out and start her own. But that was Santana’s mind working in overdrive.

Santana suddenly heard the sound of footsteps; the way the skin stuck to the wood only signified she was in for it. They got louder, but they were slow; she assumed she was pondering what the worst thing she could say to the brunette.  Santana was dreading the possibilities because they were absolutely endless, but she knew she needed to. Although, she wasn’t completely to blame; she had been drinking too. Yes granted she wasn’t drunk, so she knew exactly what was happening, but she didn’t stop it. In Santana’s mind, she knew someone had to be blamed, so she’ll take full responsibility for it.

The footsteps stopped and Santana knew she was behind her. Her body tensed when she felt fingertips run down her sides. And the way arms engulfed around her waist. And the way lips made contact with her bare shoulders gently making their way up her neck, resting underneath her ear. Perhaps she was fantasizing about all of this and it wasn’t really happening. Perhaps, she had fainted from all the negative thoughts that encircled her brain and she was simply just dreaming. But the touches and the kisses seemed far too real to ever be a dream.

“It’s cold out. Why are you out here naked? You’re gonna catch a cold,” her words were soft and tiresome, seeing as she had just awoken. Santana didn’t know how to respond to this simple question because her mind was in too much of a haze to even process it. But she turned around finally, making eye contact with the blonde, who had wrapped her blanket around her form.

Quinn gave her a small smile, before pulling her towards her and wrapping the blanket around her, so they both could share. Santana still stood there frozen. Seeing her in front of her; sharing a blanket with Quinn knowing that they’re both naked. It really made her feel uneasy, especially when they’re not talking about it. But maybe this was her mind trying to sabotage what they did. Maybe it was trying to get her to think that it was a mistake, but her body and her heart were telling her otherwise.

“This is right,” she whispered to herself, confusing Quinn who just remained standing there. Santana looked into her concerned eyes and took a deep breath.

“What are you thinking?” Quinn whispered to her, bringing her hand up to caress the tan skin of her cheek and Santana couldn’t help, but lean into it—close her eyes and savor the moment.

“This feels right, doesn’t it?” She finally spoke out loud to the blonde in front of her. Quinn’s eyes began to sparkle and the corners of her lips curled up into a smile as she began to nod. “It wasn’t wrong. And you don’t regret it?” She questioned unsure of the answer, but then again, if she regretted; she probably would’ve been gone by now.

“Not for a second,” she replied back softly. “Santana I was sober enough to know what the hell I was doing,” she added, pulling her towards a chair to sit down, which Santana did as she lowered herself on her lap; skin meeting skin once again.

“But why? Why would you want this, when you have so many other suitors at your beckon call in the office?” Santana couldn’t fathom any of this, but Quinn wanted her as much as she wanted Quinn that night. And there was truth to her question, Quinn may have been a crazy dependent girl, who wanted prom queen, but today that is far from who she is. She is miss independent, who worked hard and didn’t need a man—or woman for that matter in her life. Santana remembered having the conversation with her over lunch. Santana had just broken up with a girl, who just seemed to be so far from what she needed; Quinn saw that as soon as she introduced her to her, but Santana was her friend and she didn’t question her judgment. She stated her opinions of her and left it alone; now Santana was wishing she had listened.

She remembered saying to her: “You need someone in your life,” and Quinn just laughed slightly as she ate a forkful of her salad.

“I have you in my life Santana, what more do I need?” She joked, making Santana mock her. She liked the idea that Quinn said that, even if it was a joke. But seriously, she hasn’t seen her try to date anyone since freshman year of college and even then that was a total bust.

“But really, I’m focusing on my career. I can’t really deal with a relationship,” she adds as she tries to place more of her salad on her fork. Santana sighs after swallowing down her steak.

“With that attitude, you’ll end up growing old alone and that’s not something I want for you,” she tells her, taking a sip of her wine. Quinn smiles warmly at her and shakes her head as if trying to deny that Santana was wrong.

“Okay so I just haven’t found the right person yet, but they’re out there Santana. I know they are. You honestly believe I don’t want someone I could wake up to every morning with a smile on my face. Someone who will cook breakfast with me and drink coffee with me, and just talk about little things? I want that more than the next person, but it isn’t that simple. You don’t think I see the way those guys look at me at work? It’s like I’m queen or something and they fall to my feet,” she explains to the brunette, who watches her intently.

“I thought that’s what you wanted. Someone who made you feel like a queen and answer to your beckon call,” Santana exclaimed, stuffing another forkful of her steak in her mouth.

Quinn shrugged. “Maybe that’s what I use to want, but they look at me because of my looks. They don’t actually know me. I’m their boss; that’s what I am, nothing more and nothing less and that’s all they see. I am their hot boss,” she uttered, taking a sip of her own wine as Santana agreed. Back when they were hiring people, she was looked at the same way; until they all found out she was gay. She knew they still looked at her, hoping that just one day she’d make an exception, but she was definitely not interested nor did she really care.

Quinn smiles at her that warm smile that she always gives her, then leans down and presses her lips against Santana’s softly. It lingered just enough, before she pulled away, taking Santana’s breath away with her.

“You’re the only one who’s never looked at me like I was just a piece of meat here. You’ve protected me. You’ve cared for me. And you’ve made me feel at ease, every time I’m next to you, which is often. Santana, contrary to what you believe, you are my best friend and what better person to be with then your best friend,” she tells her softly, making Santana do a laugh sigh. She really didn’t know what to say to this. Quinn wanted to be with her. She actually wanted a full on relationship with her. She should be elated about this and don’t be fooled; she is, but she was worried that Quinn could possibly back out or something.

“Are you sure?” Santana asked hesitantly, making Quinn inhale a deep breath and shift so her legs were swung over the arm of the chair and arms were wrapped around Santana’s neck.

“Most definitely,” she exclaimed sure, making Santana smiled widely and leans in and kisses her gently, and instantly having Quinn respond to it was an amazing and indescribable feeling for her.

“Mm then in that case,” she began against the blonde’s lips. “I’ll have to take you out on a date and…” Quinn smiled against Santana’s lips as the last word dragged out. “And cook you breakfast. And drink coffee with you. And make sure I keep you smiling,” she continued to drag out the ands as Quinn continued feathering her lips with kisses as she spoke those words.

“I know where you can start,” Quinn stated in a seductive tone, which Santana caught very quickly, pulling her up bridal style, making Quinn yelp in surprise as Santana rushed them back into the flat, leaving the blanket behind. She placed Quinn on the bed and made the motion to lay on top of her and began kissing her softly, exploring her body once again.